How it works

Undertake your school education, skill training such as gym sessions on our online platform and learn at your own pace, with a personal teacher/instructor, from anywhere in the world. By enrolling to any course or training, you will be provided with all the required support to ensure your learning is successful. You will be matched with the best online instructors and given full online assistance in all aspects of your learning journey. In order to get started

Enroll to an online class or training by registering and selecting courses of your interest

Tell us the course and training you want to undertake, if it is one-on-one or a group session, the appropriate time that you are available and we will match you with the best online instructors that you can choose.

Take a look at all the experts we have availed to you, we’ve vetted each of your options and only show you the best instructors for your needs. From there, check their credentials, read and go through some of their training, and see if they are ideal, choose the best expert according to your availability in the course or training you want to undertake.

When you have had a conversation with your instructor book your first lesson. Our virtual classroom has everything you need: video conferencing, digital whiteboard, edit documents with our collaborative text editor, share your screen, play videos in real-time.


Tell us about yourself. Let’s discuss how we can help you